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That FIRST STEP taken by a baby is the most memorable and happiest moment for their parents.

That FIRST STEP when taken by an adolescent toward his career decides his future.

That FIRST STEP taken by Gandhiji and other revolutionaries proved that Independence was not far behind.


Abhayahasta Hospital is a Private healthcare service provider with Qualified and professional medical and nursing staff with advanced medical equipment along with palliative care for every person related to AMSH.

Abhayahasta Hospital is patient-centric, affordable, and easily accessible catering to all the needs of the patients.

We also cater to the needs of International patients. We have been appreciated by the Sheik of Dubai for executing their teen daughter’s complicated maxillofacial cosmetic surgery. Similarly, we also had patients from Bangladesh & UAE. Hence the name, which has promoted medical tourism at Abhayahasta Hospital.

We are delighted to be one of only three hospitals to have received a letter from the International School of Business and Research, recognizing Abhayahasta for its high survival orthopedic outcomes. This audit recognizes both the complexity of the orthopedic surgery carried out at Abhayahasta hospital and the outstanding work of both the Orthopedic surgeons and paramedical teams within the hospital.

We have already mastered the medical industry business well aware of the loops and leads and planning to expand and grow, as Bangalore along with silicon hub is soon turning out to be a medical hub.

Please feel free for any queries or doubts.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr. Avinash Ashok Sherkane

Chairman – Abhayahasta Hospital.




The cost of Medical treatment in India is much lower, almost 1/3rd of the cost in comparison to several countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. In this context, India offers a variety of medical treatments and its allied services to international and national patients at a very competitive price.

As a developing country, day by day the internal transport & aviation system is improving in India which in turn gives excellent connectivity to all the major cities of the world by Air daily.

Lastly, with all these things, medical treatment in Bangalore, India comes at a 1/3rd or 1/4th cost of the Middle East/UK/US for ailments with no waiting time.

Abhayahasta Hospital has been offering excellent assistance to foreign patients who visit India to avail of advanced surgery treatments at low cost with no compromise in quality.

Irrespective of exorbitantly lower costs, the quality of health care that you get here includes top-class medicines, state-of-art technology, internationally accredited doctors, experienced staff, excellent food service, Visa assistance, and world-class accommodation.

Medical tourism in India is moving on an upward scale. It is thus necessary that one should be aware of the medico-legal guideline so that the requirement and interests of the people looking for health care in India must be met. Patients and their attendants must be well aware of all the legal rules, and medical issues that are involved as there can be a case of uncertainty in medical treatments and procedures.



Following are some important medical guidelines to be known to every visitor to avoid any kind of complications in medical treatment or process:

  • First of all, you must make sure that the hospital in India that you are visiting is licensed or not. It should have quality accreditation from any Quality Assurance Organization. The quality and the cost of patient care are two other important considerations.
  • Then, try to gather all the important details about the doctors at the hospital before you select them. Look up their qualifications, credentials, and achievements.
  • Another important thing is that the patient should be well aware of the treatment and procedure that he/she is seeking so that your expectations from the surgery are realistic. He or she must also know about physical therapy, the period of recovery, and post-surgery care.
  • Do not forget to meet your doctor before the procedures start. Before anything, thorough personal examinations and tests of the patients are done by most hospitals, before performing any medical process. There is also a possibility that the doctor might not consider you fit for the treatment and might also suggest another treatment after the diagnosis.
  • Make a file or a folder of all the necessary documents along with their photocopy. Keep the originals in a safe place.
  • Make another file of all the medical reports, and health records such as health history, X-rays, photographs, scans, MRI immunization records, etc., that are related to the medical process.
  • Make sure you have your Visa and Passport, along with other things like travelers’ checks, credit cards, debit cards, and yes, some local currency too.
  • Carrying your driver’s license, which is valid till the time of your travel is also necessary.



A medical visa is issued by the government of India to every medical tourist. This visa can be extended for over one year. A patient who gets this extension, or can visit India on a medical tour in India, three times a year, accompanied by an attendant.



Medical Visa can be extended for a year by the FRROs or the State Government if the patients show the medical certificate or if the same is advised by recognized/reputed/specialized medical institutions in India. If there is a need for extension the Ministry of Affairs has the power to do this on the recommendation of FRROs or the State Government, assisted by authentic and genuine medical papers. This kind of visa is valid for a maximum of 3 visits to India in one year. Permission for one extra entry can also be given by FRRO/the State Government in the case of emergencies.


  1. The Indian Posts/Mission can carefully examine the medical papers to feel satisfied to look for the genuine reasons for which the medical treatment visa is being applied.
  2. The Mission may also be satisfied that the applicant (patient) has sought initial medical assistance in the country of his residence or country of origin and has been asked to seek special medical treatment. If any foreign national is interested in treatment through the Indian system of Medicines, that is also possible.
  3. This kind of visa must be granted for getting medical assistance only at reputed/specialized/recognized hospitals in India. Though the following list is not complete these can be some of the diseases such as ophthalmic disorders, renal disorders, neuro-surgery, joint replacement, plastic surgery, organ transplant, and so on. The main idea is that the mission must be satisfied that the foreign national is in serious need of medical treatment in India.

For Further details and queries kindly contact :

Ms.Deeptha Raam,

Head – Administration

Abhayahasta Hospital.

+91 8197711618