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Abhayahasta Hospital

Dr. Avinash Ashok Sherkane and Dr. Aparna Baliga are the creators of the Abhayahasta Multi Speciality Hospital. They have dedicated more than six years to building their ambitions from the ground up and overcoming all obstacles. The hospital is situated in the well-known C.V. Raman Nagar neighbourhood in the city’s centre, close to important residential neighbourhoods, educational institutions, and information technology companies.

Abhayahasta Hospital is a 60-bed contemporary healthcare facility with good lighting, 6 OPD consultation rooms, a welcoming waiting area, and a small children’s play area. Hospital include varieties of well-appointed and spacious ward types including General, Semi-private, Private, and Suit wards. We opened our first multispeciality hospital in July 2016, and it contains modern ICUs, NICUs, and Lamellar Flow OTs.

Being a multispeciality hospital, our division is set up to offer services in more than 15+ specialities.