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Cosmetic Gynecology Training aims to offer full hands-on training for doctors and provide an opportunity to improve their skills in aesthetic gynecology and how to perform safe, effective surgical or non-surgical procedures by our renowned faculty members.

  • 2 Months Gynecology Elective
  • 4 Months – Specialization
  • USMLE I & II Optional Training
  • This course is for Obstetrician & Gynecologist, physicians, MBBS.
  • No previous formal training is required for the fellowship and hands-on course.
  • Promote women’s sexual health and sexual function through studies, courses, and grants. 
  • Complete knowledge of patient selection and pre/post procedure care nonsurgical cosmetic gynecology. 
  • Awareness of the marketing tools available to improve your practice visibility and volume. 
  • A complete understanding of the female genital anatomy.
  • A complete understanding of female sexual function, dysfunction, and orgasmic dysfunction.
  • Knowledge in terms of patient selection, pre- and post-procedure in non-surgical and surgical cosmetic gynecology.
  • Familiarization with the non-surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation.
  • Familiarization with the cosmetic gynecology surgical options.
  • Familiarization with the different equipment used in cosmetic gynecology such as energy-based devices (Radiofrequency, Lasers, HIFU), ultrasound, centrifuge, etc.
  • Use of fillers & Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) in the vulvo vaginal region.
  • A complete and extensive knowledge of the significance of documentation, medical photography, review of risks and complications, alternatives to selected treatment/s, appropriate expectations, and informed consent.

The program’s curriculum is organized to provide increasing levels of responsibility for trainees with respect to patient care and procedure performance which is assessed on the basis of evaluating each fellow’s

  • Clinical Judgement
  • Clinical skills
  • Medical knowledge
  • Procedural Skills
  • Professionalism and Communication Skills
  • Leadership ability and continuing scholarship.
  • History & statistics
  • Consultation & patient selection
  • Patient pain & anxiety
  • The 0-shot (vaginal rejuvenation with PRP)
  • G-spot augmentation
  • Non-invasive laser therapy for vaginal health
  • Treatment using micro-injections of carbon dioxide to increase vascularization by carboxytherapy
  • Use of radiofrequency to improve the elasticity and function of the internal vagina by Thermiva
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) in vaginal rejuvenation
  • Botox treatments for vaginismus 
  • Intimate bleaching depigmentation of the vulvar area
  • Laser vaginal rejuvenation for vaginal laxity and vaginal atrophy with Co2  laser. 
  • Techniques to market these practices into your practice. 
  • LED, Microneedling, conditioning, and peeling in the vulvovaginal area.
  • Mesotherapy in procedures.


Non-surgical procedures in Cosmetic Gynecology

  • Non-surgical procedures for vaginal rejuvenation are becoming popular more and more worldwide especially in middle-aged women mostly due to aging or childbirth and are cost effective and less invasive.

 Eg:      Labiaplasty


             Perineoplasty and many others.

Common Non-surgical Procedures for Vaginal Rejuvenation 

  • G-Shot: 
  • O-Shot: Vaginal Augmentation with HA Fillers: 
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation with Energy-based Devices:
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation with Neurotoxins
  • Vaginal Bleaching with Peels 
  • Modern , sophisticated and impressive cosmetic procedures to help women improve their sexual lives, their self-esteem, and overall quality of life.


  • This course will help you future-proof and grow your practice and provide you with the latest techniques.

After assessment shows adequate performance and enough scores by the trainee, subject to which the trainee will receive an accredited certificate that shows he/she is legal to practice independently as a Consultant Cosmetic Gynecologist.